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Hocking Stuart Mobile Website

Client: Hocking Stuart
Services: html Third Party API Mobile UX


Realising that there was an increasingly large demand for mobile web sites in the Real Estate market, Hocking Stuart called in the help of Digital Hive to produce a high quality, brand faithful, mobile web site that carried through the existing strong brand recognition while keeping a native feel that consumers are used to on their mobile devices.

User experience & Compatibility

Ensuring a positive user experience was key to the success of the mobile site. The site needed to look and feel as if it belonged on the mobile device that it was being viewed on, while at the same time maintaining the Hocking Stuart brand that had been created by Sense Advertising. Larger than normal buttons, orientation detection, Google maps (native if the mobile had a map specific application), email and telephone links were just some of the usability features utilized in the site to make it as easy as possible for the user find what they were after.

While it is true that the iPhone is currently the most popular mobile device available, there was no denying the continual increase in Android based devices, as well as constant Blackberry traffic. To this end, the web site was developed & tested on:

Development Process

The Hocking Stuart mobile web site was the first to be launched on Digital Hive’s new framework GOWI 2.0, as well utilizing Digital Hive’s new infrastructure for continuous integration to provide a higher level of code quality.

Measuring the success

Since the web sites successful launch towards the end of October 2010, there has been a lot of time devoted to studying the reports produced from Google Analytics to see where improvements can be made and track the usage of the site. Within the first week of being live, the site had received around 3,000 unique visits, and is currently seeing consistent growth each day.