A sustainable future for pet greyhounds in NSW

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Greenhounds Website

Client: Greenhounds NSW
Services: UX IA Review Design

Client's Brief

Greenhounds is a company set up to place ex race greyhounds into loving homes. We were approached to design a website that would allow everyday people to adopt a fantastic pet and get a wealth of information about the adoption process.

The client wanted a look that was friendly, welcoming, fresh and appealing to the whole family.

What We Did

Before begining, we did as much research into what appeals to potential dog owners as possible. We deterimed that a lot of adopters of greyhounds would be fun, energetic (they would want to be if they are adaopting a race dog!) and life loving. Using this information we were able to come up with a design that fulfilled all these requirements.


Greenhounds was launched on time and on budget, with a very happy client (and happy dogs!). Feedback from visitors has been fantastic, finding the site a pleasure to use.