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Donnellans the Tyremen

Client: Donnellans
Services: html5 responsive design 3rd party api

Responsive design to suit all devices and screen sizes

A long standing client, the new Donnellans' website is the third iteration designed and developed by Digital Hive.

The website utilises responsive design to make all the information accessible regardless of the device or screen resolution being used to view the site.

The site provides not only lots of useful information regarding tyres and safety, but most importantly allows users to find the perfect tyre for their vehicle through a number of search options. Whether it be by vehicle (even down to the specific model for a particular year), browsing by brand or specifying a tyre size (or partial size) - results are displayed in an accessible format and all the technical details for each tyre can be easily accessed.

Visit the site for yourself over at

All the tyre information you could ask for