ANZ Bank - Digital Signage & Touchscreens

Interactive solutions for use in branches Australia wide

Folio / ANZ Bank

Digital Signage and Touchscreens

Client: ANZ Bank
Services: UX Flash

Client's Brief

Digital Hive was approached by the ANZ Bank to produce a suite of content to be played on large display and touch screens within their branches Australia wide.

Amongst the required content was: dynamic News and Weather animations, a touchscreen application that allowed cusotmers to view ANZ brochures in branch and multiple pieces of animated advertisments and call outs.

What We Did

Worked closely with ANZ's marketing team to strategise, design and developed content that was engaging, friendly and relatable whilst being true to their brand guidlines.

Dynamic templates were built using Flash with xml feeds, whilst animated content was created using After Effects and Photoshop.

Weather feeds were also localised to be relevant to the branches location.


All work was well received and rolled out to ANZ branches Australia wide. Since it's inception It has become one of the ANZ's primary sources for customer interaction and garnered great feedback from both employees and customers alike.

Localised weather information for branches
Interactive Brochure Viewer